3 FOR 300



A Short film for Dover’s 300th

In celebration of Dover’s 300th year anniversary, Big River Film Co. is proud to present the production of our most ambitious project yet: a short film that chronicles the stories of three Dover residents. “3 For 300” will explore aspects of Dover, from its rich history to the arts scene and a few things in between. Each of our three characters brings a unique perspective about life in Dover and will seek to give the viewer a small peek into what it is like to live in Dover through their passions, hopes, dreams, and fears. Dover is a diverse city, with as many stories to tell as the people who live in it; it is our hope that this film brings to life the past, present and future of our city as seen through the eyes of just three of its many and diverse residence.

Check out what we’re up to with the making of the short film, and stop back regularly to find new updates on the project.



Since the beginning of 2017 Big River Film Co. has met with dozens of individuals to hear their stories, learn about their passions, and explore their take on life in Dover.  From that group, we’ve handpicked three residence who have agreed to share their story–we think you’ll love them just as much as we do. As the project progresses, we will be announcing each character and updating you about them. Stop back regularly to get the most up-to-date information.




For Nena, to cease learning is to cease being altogether.  As a Native American and the Historic Sites Supervisor for the Old State House and the Johnson Victrola Museum, Nena holds a unique perspective of the history of our area.  She understands the importance of history and the human need for learning.  She considers it her mission to provide a platform for others to learn as much as possible while helping us to understand that we are all making history every day and that we should strive to make “good history”.


james solomon

dover’s athletics in today’s world

James has always had a passion for athletics.  At a young age, he remembers using flour to make lines in grassy fields and pitting local neighborhood boys against one another. As he grew up, James loved coaching these unorganized teams and helping young people develop their love for athletics as a pathway for them in life. As he grew older, James played an important role in bringing desegregation to the athletic arena. Now–as a  prolific coach at Dover High School–James brings one important lesson to his students and the community in general: “You’re not in it to win it; you’re in it to give it away.”  James believes that in giving just a little bit of ourselves back to others we begin to understand what real success is all about.




Emily can’t imagine her life without dance. At a young age, she was inexplicably drawn to dance. Early memories of Emily recall her tumbling around the family room, or practicing balancing on her head. This combination of early exposure, natural talent, outgoing personality, and determination and commitment has helped her stand out from her peers. Emily understands the importance dance has in her life, and the work it will take to pursue dance as a career in Dover, but Emily believes she is up for the challenge and that she can have a positive impact on the community around her through dance.


The funding for this film comes from people just like you. Businesses and individuals from across the city of Dover have come together to partner with Big River Film Co. financially in the production of “3 For 300”. If you would like to help support the project, or promote your business through partnering with us financially, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you soon.

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