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Our final piece in a three-part video marketing campaign for Del-One brought us to the shores of southern Delaware and the household of the Suggs. This story brings to life the struggles that are faced by those who find themselves in the cycle of bad credit and how a local credit union can be a lifeline to getting families back on track financially. 

An inspiring story of an immigrant from El Salvador making her way to the United States and falling in love with a like-minded poet: this is not the kind of story you’d expect to hear from your local Federal Credit Union.  However, Del-One worked with Abigail McCallister to save her home, as well as help her fulfill her husband’s dream to publish his first novel. The crew at Big River spent several days with Abigail, pouring over memories of her tumultuous childhood and connecting the dots between Del-One and the fulfillment of her husband’s dreams.

Del-One has the opportunity to work with a number of incredible charities, but few are as meaningful or impressive as that of Kay’s Kamp.  Born out of the selfless desire of a young girl, who eventually lost her life to cancer, Kay’s Kamp has become Delaware’s only oncology camp. In approaching this video, Big River focused on bringing to life the story of Laurie, the founder of Kay’s Kamp and mother of Kaylynn. It was an honor to be able to spend some time at Kay’s Kamp with these kids and to see how the support of Del-One has allowed Laurie to continue making her daughter’s dream a reality.

SKYE Academy in Dover, DE is a brand new program that is committed to the next generation of great dental assistants. This video was produced as a way for them to tell the story of the beginnings of this exciting new program.  Students were able to view this video as a way to learn about the program and connect with its founder, Rosetta. Rosetta’s story serves as a reminder that this program is about more than a formal education; it’s about helping students better themselves in all areas of life. SKYE academy’s mission to teach real-world skills in an industry that thrives on practical working knowledge was also highlighted in an effort to help the program stand out in its industry. 

Big River was hired by East Africa Power to spend ten days in Rwanda, capturing the essence of their power-based development projects in several short promotional videos. Big River spent one of those days working with Sabin–the owner of a small machine shop in rural Rwanda. His story shows why electricity is so vitally important to those who live in the region and brings to light the reality of the negative impact that can be felt when electricity cannot be relied upon.

Big River was tasked with producing a piece that would help tell the Why behind East Africa Power’s power-based development projects. It was a big task, no doubt, but as soon as our crew hit the ground in Kigali, Rwanda and met the people behind East Africa Power, we knew we had something truly special to work with. We bounced around the countryside on motorcycles, truck-beds and bus seats, taking it all in and having the time of our lives.  Now, East Africa Power has set its aim to bringing these power-based development projects across all of East Africa.

This full-length recruiting video was created for the Sleepy Tooth Group in an effort to capture the essence of their dental partnership program.  Our approach consisted of highlighting the story of one doctor named Kathy. Kathy exemplified the essence of this program, and her story serves as a reminder that the Sleepy Tooth Group is about far more than simply becoming part of an organization, it’s about challenging the perceptions of dental partnerships and living a balanced lifestyle along the way.

From concept to production, Big River Film Co. brought to life these commercial video advertisements to raise brand awareness around the “What Makes You Smile?” campaign.  Each video connects viewers to moments in time when a great smile makes for a great memory.
Machine Builders of New England is the type of client that our crew at Big River loves to work with. They have a gritty feel, a hard work-ethic and they’re doing something that very few other companies do today: restore and repair Bridgeport milling machines. Beginning with great concepting and scriptwriting was essential to bringing this project to life, and Big River worked hard to do just that.  We spent several days at their facilities in Connecticut to produce this and two other videos over a three day span. To see the other videos visit our Vimeo page.

It was a no-brainer when we were asked to hit the streets of our quaint little town to film the restaurants and pubs of Downtown Dover, DE.  This was a great chance to get into our community and create a piece that featured the people and the places we call home. Big River delivered a series of marketing videos that will bolster tourism in the Downtown Dover area.

The passion project “What Will the World See” was created as we dug deep into some of our best footage from 2013 – 2016.  It was written by Nathan Cronk and Andrew McGinnis and voiceover is by Robert Ricotta. 

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